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Oldest Man in Space Realizes Dream Deferred

“What happens to a dream deferred?” That opening line from Harlem renaissance poet Langston Hughes has resonated with generations of African ...

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Heartwarming Reunion Goes Viral

Steve Burns wasn’t conventionally handsome when he first auditioned to become the host of the Nickelodeon children’s show Blue’s Clues, ...

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Connecticut Middle School Successfully Bans Phones

Assistant Principal Raymond Dolphin knew he was taking a risk in December 2021 when he banned cell phones from Illing Middle School in Connecticut. But ...

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Fentanyl Dealer Caught During NBA Game

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, but eventually they do turn. Such was the case for Billy Ray Trueblood, who was finally sentenced in May ...

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Angelina Jolie on Fame’s Pain and Shallowness

After so many years of fame, the actress Angelina Jolie has resigned herself to some elements of its bargain. The constant gaze of paparazzi means other ...

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