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Preaching to Convulse the Demons

In a fallen world, preaching is about helping people find the hand of Jesus

Preaching to Convulse the DemonsSee theme

Whenever preachers run across a text that talks about demons, we are tempted to skip that part and keep reading. But when you read through the Gospel of Mark, it gets hard to do that. It starts off in the beginning, in chapter Mark 1. After Jesus calls his disciples, the first thing they do is encounter a man with an unclean spirit inside the synagogue. A few verses later we're told that Jesus took the disciples throughout Galilee, proclaiming the message and casting out demons. Then in chapter Mark 3 Jesus sends the disciples out on their own to proclaim the message and cast out demons. You keep finding those phrases put together in Mark—proclaim the message and cast out demons. They're almost used interchangeably, synonymously. In chapter Mark 5 Jesus heals the Gerasene demoniac, a man driven out of his mind with demons. In chapter Mark 6 Jesus again sends out the disciples to proclaim the message and cast out demons. In chapter Mark 7 he casts a demon out of the daughter ...

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