Chapter 89

Questions That Put Muscle on Bones

The first thing to ask when developing an idea.

How do you expand 15 sentences into 30 minutes? How do you go from the biblical outline (the Scripture writer's flow of thought) to your Sunday message?

You ask three developmental questions. Probing each statement in the outline with these questions causes the biblical text to expand and develop into a full sermon.

While there are many ways to phrase these developmental questions, they all get at the three essential areas of understanding, belief, and behavior regarding the biblical assertions:




As you ask these questions of each assertion in the biblical outline, you discover what needs to be said further about each point to make it intelligible, convincing, and practical to your contemporary listener.

Let's begin with the first developmental question: What do I need to explain? (In future columns we'll take up the other two questions.)

In the following outline on Colossians 1:9-12, some things obviously need to be explained:

I. We should continually pray ...

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