Chapter 52

Asian American Preaching

In addressing the topic of Asian American preaching, we must start with the question: Who is Asian American? Asian American has commonly referred to East Asians: Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. This view has unfortunately excluded non-East Asian Americans.1 Like members of other ethnic and racial categories, Asian Americans vary by ethnicity, language, generation, class, and gender. Due to this extensive diversity, generalizations are inevitable, yet for the sake of specificity, I will comment briefly on the preaching of two distinct subgroups of Asian Americans: (1) first-generation Asian Americans, that is, foreign-born Asian immigrants and refugees, and (2) second and multi-generational U.S.-born Asian Americans.


All Asian Americans, regardless of the duration of their residence in America, experience marginalization. Sang Hyun Lee of Princeton Theological Seminary states that for Asian Americans marginality is a way of life: "In the Asian world, we are often criticized ...

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