Chapter 188

The Science of Surveys

Careful procedures lead to more objective results

To be most effective, a survey requires careful planning and analysis.

Surveys provide not only comments on where to improve but also two uplifting results: what your people gained from your sermons, and representative feedback. Representative comments—from a cross-section of church people—help keep you from placing undue weight on the scathing individual comment that comes to every pastor from time to time.

To get started, I recommend a written, one-page, anonymous survey focused on a specific sermon. It is easiest for people to respond to something concrete, such as this morning's sermon. And you will gain specific feedback. Here is a sample survey. (An actual survey would allow space for answers.)

Sermon survey

The pastor is seeking feedback from people within the congregation. Please take a minute or two right now to complete this survey. Thank you.

1. Overall, how would you rate today's sermon?

2. How would you compare today's sermon to most of the pastor's sermons? ...

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