Chapter 88

Skills of Oral Clarity

A clear manuscript is a far cry from a clear message to the hearer

As pastors we have to have people tracking with us. They need to follow us, know where we're going, and stay with us all the way.

I emphasize oral clarity, because oral clarity is a different animal than written clarity. Most of us have been trained to be clear in our writing, and when we write something, such as a sermon, we are writing it for somebody else's eye to read it. That's instinctive in us. We do not realize we are writing for somebody's ear to hear it. But oral clarity is vastly different, and there are certain skills of oral clarity that ought to be built into every sermon.

Consistently use key phrases

One skill is you should use the same key phrases all the way through the message. The words ought to be consistently used, so they rain down through the message. For instance, a recent message of mine was on the filling of the Spirit, from Ephesians 5, where Paul says do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit. After an introduction, I asked the questions ...

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