Chapter 50

Hispanic American Preaching

Selena is the Mexican American pop star killed by a friend at age 23. The movie Selena is based on her short life. As her fame in the U.S. increases, one scene shows Selena (Jennifer Lopez) being invited to return to Mexico to perform at an important event. Her father opposes the appearance because he thinks his daughter's Spanish is terrible. When Selena protests that her singing in Spanish is fine, her father says singing is one thing, but interviews are another. He then goes into a tirade about the difficulties of being Mexican American. "The Mexicans think you aren't Mexican enough, and the Americans think you aren't American enough."

This is also a concern in Hispanic American preaching. There are differences between how Hispanic and non-Hispanics communicate. Keeping both perspectives in balance is crucial, but we need to focus more on the Hispanic than the American.

The distinctives of Hispanic American preaching

Hispanic preaching values family

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