Chapter 187

A Comprehensive Check-Up

Haddon Robinson



  • Does the message get attention?
  • Does it touch some need directly or indirectly?
  • Does it orient hearers to the subject? Or to the main idea? Or to the first point?
  • Is it the right length? Is there a specific purpose?


  • Is the development clear? Is the overall structure clear?
  • Does the sermon have a central idea? Can you state it?
  • Are the transitions clear? Do they review?
  • Is there a logical or psychological link between the points?
  • Do the main points relate back to the main idea?
  • Are the subpoints clearly related to their main points?


  • Does the sermon build to a climax?
  • Is there an adequate summary of ideas?
  • Are there effective closing appeals or suggestions?


  • Is this subject significant? Is it appropriate?
  • Is the sermon built on solid exegesis?
  • Does the speaker show where he or she is in the text?
  • Is the analysis of the subject thorough? Logical?
  • Does the speaker convince you that he or she is right?
  • Does the content show originality?

Supporting material

  • Is the supporting material logically related to its point?

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