Chapter 38

Preaching to Change the Heart

Paul's example is bold, courageous proclamation

In Acts 24, Paul is being kept in a form of house arrest. He is imprisoned on the charge of being a troublemaker, a ringleader of a Nazarene sect. Felix, whose name means happy, the governor—you might want to call him Mr. Happy—having listened to Paul's defense, adjourns the proceedings awaiting the arrival of Lysias, the commander. While Paul waits for the inexorable slow, lumbering movement of justice, this encounter, involving Felix and his wife Drusilla, takes place.

We're not told what motivated Felix and Drusilla to send for Paul and to be prepared to listen to him. Conjecture allows us to imagine that life got a little dull, and perhaps they had the idea, Well, maybe we could send for the character we've got under house arrest and see what he has to say. People have been saying all kinds of things about him, so why don't we see what he has to say for himself.

Paul's audience

You have two individuals who in all likelihood would never have attended one ...

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