Chapter 33

Connect Hearers through Dialogue

A two-way street can be paved with gold.

Preaching has a long tradition of one-way communication. You may want to consider experimenting, though, with another alternative well suited to our culture: dialogue. Here are several reasons to consider using two-way communication with your congregation:

Biblical preachers used dialogue.
When Jesus taught, he rarely depended on monologue. The New Testament records that he asked 153 questions. " Whose likeness is on this coin " (Matthew 22:20; Mark 12:16; Luke 20:24)? " Which one was this man's neighbor " (Luke 10:36)? Jesus, the Master Teacher, engaged in dialogue.
Paul also used dialogue.In Acts, Luke uses the term dialegomai at least ten times to characterize Paul's communication. The term means " to discuss, to reason, to argue. " Paul " reasoned with them from the Scriptures " (Acts 17:2). " He reasoned in the synagogue as well as the marketplace day by day " (Acts 17:17). He " argued persuasively about the kingdom " ...

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