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Crawford Loritts on Preaching That Raises Our Sights

More of the same...complacency...playing it safe. What sort of preaching--what sort of preacher--can raise the bar for low jumpers? An interview with radio speaker and Campus Crusade associate U.S. director Crawford Loritts.

See theme you think about challenges from the pulpit, what instructive experiences have you had?

Crawford Loritts: When I'm challenged from the pulpit, it's as if the Spirit of God grabs me by my emotional lapels and says, "You need to listen to this." I know one speaker who violates every principle of good public speaking, and yet the hand of God is on him. I think, Boy, that was disorganized, but every time that man preaches, God speaks to me.

Inherent in preaching is a sense of divine authority that distinguishes it from merely good communication. Great preachers are good communicators, but good communicators are not necessarily great preachers. And the difference is authority. My definition of preaching is it is a word from God for the people at a moment in history.

What could make a preacher ineffective in challenging hearers?

Two things. First, sin.

Second, being held hostage to the process, rather than the purpose, of ministry. I can get so caught up with what needs to ...

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