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Overfed, Underchallenged

A message must do battle for the will. An interview with author, speaker, and Taylor University chancellor Jay Kesler.

See theme challenge hearers?

Jay Kesler: Preaching is distinguished from teaching in that it calls for commitment and attempts to bring people to a point of action.

Somewhere I read about two men. When one man preached, people leaned back and said, "How interesting." When the other preached, they said, "Let's march." To me, preaching is an appeal to the will.

Years ago, Billy Graham said if he preached without an invitation, he felt no loss of energy. But if he preached and gave an invitation, he was exhausted afterward. The demand of preaching toward commitment is much greater. Obviously everyone preaches at times without giving an invitation, but spiritual warfare takes place in a greater way when your appeal could change a person's allegiance.

Someone has said, "Men don't rebel against the ideaof God; men rebel against the will of God."

Tell of a time when you were challenged by a sermon.

One key sermon resulted in my call to the ministry itself. I was a Christian. I felt an ...

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David Kruse

January 17, 2012  2:22pm

Thanks for your testimony, Jay, of accepting the call to preach. This has clarified something of my own calling. I appreciate the closing comment on prayer, too.

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roger tirabassi

January 16, 2012  5:15pm

A great word: "A presentation of the truth that doesn't arrive at the place where hearers understand it involves movement or commitment can have an inoculation effect."

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Fulton Lytle

January 16, 2012  12:14pm

I love the emphasis on preaching for more than information or feelings or even conviction. Yet in reading the gospels for many years I see that Jesus did not simply call people to Be. Doing is an intragal part of being. When you move to one side or the other you move away from Jesus.

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