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Preaching with a Leader's Heart

An interview with Jim Nicodem

Preaching with a Leader's HeartSee theme Jim, you're a senior pastor. Does that make you a preacher, a leader, or both?

Jim Nicodem: I think the answer is both. There is such an emphasis being put on the need for a pastor to be a leader that the preaching role is being diminished in its importance. I understand where this is coming from: seminaries tend to produce preachers; and then they go out into the real world of pastoring a church and discover that a lot is demanded of them as leaders, and many pastors feel ill equipped for that task.

Would you agree there is a need to raise the bar on the leadership emphasis?

Absolutely. It doesn't hurt to try and move those in pastoral positions in the direction of being better leaders. I do believe there's a danger that it has subtly begun to diminish the importance of the preaching role. It almost forces a dichotomy in our thinking: Are you going to be a leader or are you going to be a pastor? You can't do both well, so you have to choose which you're ...

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