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Can Topical Preaching Be Expository?

How a topical focus can be one more Style of biblical exposition.

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Click here to read part two: "Topical Preaching on Theological Themes?".

If I were a golfer, I would use every club available to get the ball in the hole. I'd use my driver, irons, putter, and any other club I could master. I can't imagine limiting myself to a three iron. Unfortunately many preachers unnecessarily limit themselves by using one style of expository preaching exclusively.

This is an appeal for topical expository preaching. I'm not suggesting that every sermon be topical, only that some topical preaching supplement textual and verse-by-verse exposition. I realize some homileticians speak against topical preaching. The problem with topical preaching, however, is not that it's topical. The problem is when it isn't expositional.

Why Topical

I can think of at least three reasons for preaching topically. While none carries biblical sanction, each adds substance to my appeal.

First, people like topical preaching. The relevance engages them. Most listeners like to hear about things ...

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