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Better Big Ideas

The major idea of the sermon should leave a lasting impression in the minds of your hearers.

Better Big IdeasSee theme What's the purpose of " the big idea " ? In other words, why put blood, sweat, and tears into developing the best one possible?

Haddon Robinson: First of all, I need to be clear as to what I'm talking about when I talk about a big idea. I'm talking about the major idea of the sermon, the proposition of the sermon, the basic principle you're trying to get across. The reason " the big idea " has become popular as a way of talking about it is that when I was trying to establish it in the minds of my students I would say, " What's the big idea? " It was a slang expression, but I was trying to get it to stick in students' minds. I did well, because that's the way people refer to it today.

A sermon has many ideas to it, but all of them should grow out of the major idea of the sermon. That's not new with me. Go back as far as Aristotle and Plato and Cicero, and you'll find that they talk about having a proposition ...

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April 12, 2018  11:06am

Classic Haddon - fundamental to preaching.

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Ajay Kunarasa

April 10, 2018  9:47am

Profound yet Practical!

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