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3-D Storytelling

An interview with author Kevin A. Miller

See theme host of books and articles have been published recently telling us that the key to reaching today's congregations is to use narrative, storytelling. How can a preacher tell a story well?

Kevin Miller: I actually was a writer first and a preacher more recently. I'm not gifted with natural dramatic flair, but I found that a lot of the skills I learned as a writer transferred beautifully into the pulpit, and I could use the things that make a story work in print. Often I can use those same principles as a preacher, and I get better results.

What types of principles?

Well, one thing I've taught writers for years in workshops and now I use in my own preaching is a system called 3-D storytelling. It's a simple way to remember three things that help make your stories more vivid, and they all start with D.

What's the first D?

The first thing that helps improve your stories is details, concrete details. As a writer you're always asking yourself, How can I describe this scene in ...

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