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Bringing Bible Storytelling to Life

How to paint the scenes that engage modern audiences

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What's the difference between the style of John Grisham and that of the Bible's storytellers? The answer hit me one day when I read a section from Genesis and then later read a section from one of Grisham's novels.

In John Grisham's novel The Testament, lawyer Nate Riley searches for the surprise heir to an eleven billion dollar fortune — a missionary named Rachel Lane. Riley finally finds her deep in the jungles of Brazil. At their initial encounter, a group of tribesmen escort her to Riley. Notice how Grisham describes her:

Rachel was with them; she was coming. There was a light yellow shirt in the midst of the brown-skinned chests, and a lighter face under a straw hat.... She was slightly taller than the Indians, and carried herself with an easy elegance.... Nate watched every step. She was very slender, with wide bony shoulders. She began looking in their direction as they grew closer.... She removed her hat. Her hair was brown and half-gray, and very short.

By contrast, notice ...

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Johann Marnewick

April 05, 2010  11:03am

Excellent! I also use NLP skills to "color" my sermons!

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