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Preaching with Intensity (part two)

How to communicate so listeners feel your passion.

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Why is it that sometimes we as preachers feel a message deeply, yet our listeners don't feel that? Why is something that's intensely meaningful to us not always communicated in a way that grips the congregation as intensely? As a preacher, I am communicating ultimate truths, so I want my rhetorical presentation to carry those divine truths with a sense of energy, conviction, and importance.

I've developed six questions I ask about my preaching to ensure my conviction communicates forcefully. The first two questions deal with content. I ask these questions as I look over my manuscript.

1. Am I keeping the bold statements bold?
Few elements in a sermon pack as much punch as a simple declarative statement or command. But read through a few recent sermons and you may find precious few of them.


Educated people — and ministers are some of the most highly educated people in the world — are taught throughout college and graduate ...

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