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Dramatic Expository Preaching

How truly biblical sermons can stir the soul.

See theme Some preachers avoid expository preaching because they think it's less dramatic. Do you feel that's a valid conclusion?

Haddon Robinson: There are folks who think of expository preaching as a dull, plodding through the text that gives out information nobody wants and answers questions nobody's asking. There's nothing dramatic about it because there's no tension. If that's what people mean by expository preaching, I can understand why they walk away from it.

But that's a wrong definition. Expository preaching is more of a philosophy than a method. It's the answer to the question Do you bend your thought to the text, or do you bend the text to your thought?

Preaching that takes the text seriously can be dramatic. The Bible is filled with drama. Paul didn't sit down one day and say, "Well, I haven't written to the folks at Galatia in a while. Let's see. What will I write about? Oh, I'll write about legalism. I haven't covered that topic." No, he was upset when he wrote. He ...

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