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Burning Clean Fuel

Pastor and preaching professor Scott Wenig discusses the healthy, and unhealthy, sources of passion in preaching.

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How can pastors stoke the fire of passionate preaching?

You have to find what God uses to stimulate passion within you. Recently I was listening to Bill Hybels talk about traveling to preach at other seeker-oriented churches that are struggling or just getting started. That feeds him spiritually because those churches resonate both with his philosophy and with his passion for reaching the lost.

As for me, I get pumped up listening to people that I admire or respect as preachers. A good Hybels or Tony Compolo sermon pumps me up and renews my passion for preaching.

Can passionate preaching burn the wrong fuel?

Well-meaning or not, pastors are in a daily battle, and sometimes we carry that battle into our preaching. Frustrations can bleed in to our sermons and affect our passion negatively.

I remember preaching after I had been really hurt by someone. I wasn't processing my own feelings properly, and my anger came out in the sermon without my realizing it. People even came up afterward and asked ...

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