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A Long, Rich Conversation with God (pt.1)

The joy of depending on the Lord for a sermon.

See theme preparing to preach, do you find prayer difficult or easy?

Darrell Johnson: Instead of the word easy, I would use the word natural. There are those days and seasons when it's hard to get to and when I'm so weary I don't feel like I'm focusing. But over the years the Lord has nurtured the sense that preaching ministry emerges out of an ongoing conversation, an ongoing communion, with God. The call to preaching is first and foremost a call to listen and intercede. Effective preaching emerges out of a life of prayer.

How do you pray in preparation for preaching?

First I pray, What text of Scripture do you want opened up for the people of God? What are you wanting to say to your people? And which texts are the texts that will say that? I'm always asking that question, and many texts come. Then I try to plan at least one year in advance, so I have a sense of the various texts that could be opened up, and all the while I'm asking, Lord, what are you saying? What does the ...

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David Aucoin

May 16, 2008  6:12pm

I aspire to this kind of discipline. i am usually spread out too thin and sermon prep often suffers. This is a good reminder for me to keep my priorities right.

Seira Sola

October 09, 2007  9:15am

I've enjoyed this article

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