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A Long, Rich Conversation with God (pt. 2)

The joy of depending on the Lord for a sermon.

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Editor's note: This is the second article in a three-part series. Read part one and part three.

What relationship do you see between your praying and the effectiveness of your preaching?

I find great joy that just about every time I do a sermon someone will say, "You wrote that for me, didn't you? You were in my living room, weren't you?"

I say, "No, I wasn't," and, "No, I didn't," but somebody else was. And I rejoice in that. In fact, most of the people who say that to me after the sermon are people I didn't have in mind while I was writing. And the people I did have in mind often don't come.

Here at the college, too, students will say after a message, "I just needed to hear that," and "It got into my soul." And I think, Oh Lord, you spoke again.

The Word not only informs; it transforms. I see the power of the Spirit effect more than a cognitive exercise, even more than a devotional exercise. God makes preaching something deeper, a further conforming into the image of Christ.

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Kenneth Rogers

March 27, 2009  7:10pm

Your words on sermon preparation were very encouraging. By devoting myself to prayer and meditation, as I read God's word , He will illuminate my mind and spirit to His divine truth so that I can be equip to give a message to those who are waiting to hear a word from the Lord. When I am reading the Bible i.e. for devotion or serching the scriptures for a sermon text, I must be centered on constant communion with God to make plain in His enternal truth for His people. I will commit to employing this method of pre-sermon preparation as I move forward to improving the quality of my sermons.

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