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Adapting Illustrations So They Fit You (part one)

Six recipes for changing ready-made illustrations to fit your Style and purpose.

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When someone special whips up a home-cooked meal for you, does she make everything from scratch? Not likely. Those zesty baked beans, for example, probably came from a jar, but they were prepared to the personal requirements of the cook by adding ingredients: bacon, pepper sauce, and some extra brown sugar.

Those who preach weekly often cannot prepare enough illustrations from scratch to consistently create well-illustrated sermons, but they can always personalize the ones they find ready-made.

Here are six ways to adapt illustrations available on or other quality sources to your personal style and unique purposes.

Change Tone

Sometimes the wording of an illustration clashes with our personality or viewpoint. Perhaps the writer is too sentimental or too detached. There may be slang, purple prose, or regional idioms. Perhaps the illustration contains stuffy, academic transitional words and phrases such as moreover, furthermore, or in conclusion. We can fix this with a bit ...

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