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Adapting Illustrations So They Fit You (part two)

Six recipes for changing ready-made illustrations to fit your Style and purpose.

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Those who preach weekly often cannot prepare enough illustrations from scratch to consistently create well-illustrated sermons, but they can always personalize the ones they find ready-made.

Here are the final three of six ways to adapt illustrations available on and other quality sources to your personal style and unique purposes (To see Part 1 of this two-part series, click here).


Sometimes a relevant illustration is too long for our purposes. A five-minute story does not suit a minor point. What we need to do is abridge the illustration.

Here, for instance, is a long movie illustration I have shortened. In italics are the words I can delete without losing the essentials of the story. In bold are words I am adding.

The movie Glory chronicles the true story of the first noncommissioned black regiment to fight for the North during the Civil War. The formation of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts is not taken seriously from the beginning. Most doubt that enough soldiers ...

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