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Evangelistic Preaching in the Local Church

The importance of laying out for a congregationt he central issue of the Christian faith.

Evangelistic Preaching in the Local ChurchSee theme evangelism as a pastor can be a different sort of thing than what Billy Graham or Luis Palau or some other full-time evangelist does. How can we, as pastors, evangelize well in the pulpit?

Haddon Robinson: Sometimes it's important to preach an evangelistic message, to lay out to a congregation the central issue of the Christian faith,

which is, how does a man or woman come into a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ? It could be helpful to announce to a congregation that, "Two weeks from now, if you've got non-Christian friends, folks who are still on the way to faith, have them come. I want the whole service to be devoted to getting across this basic message. "

Not every sermon can be, in that sense, an evangelistic sermon, or you'll ignore great truths of Scripture. But sometime, in the course of the year, there ought to be time set apart when you directly address that issue. Even for the Christians who come, it's always good ...

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