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Preaching Sex with Compassion and Conviction

How to communicate the biblical view of sex without becoming Dr. Ruth.

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It's on most everyone's mind, yet the subject of sex often gets little press in the church. No big surprise why. To preach well on that oh-so-delicate subject takes courage, compassion, and conviction.

What strategy do you take when approaching the topic of sex?

M. Craig Barnes: I don't want to make angry denouncements, but I want to make clear that within the church there's a lot more sexual activity outside of the biblical norms than people want to admit. Many have had or are having premarital sex. Some have had affairs they've not admitted to anyone. Some are spending enormous amounts of time on the Internet looking at pornography.

When I talk about sexual immorality, I'm not talking about those who don't come to church. I want people to know these are really our issues.

What should the preacher not communicate about sex?

It's easy to media bash. When we do that, though, we miss the real point of preaching, which is to say something redemptive for those who have sexual longings, sexual confusion, ...

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