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Getting the Gold from the Text

How do you capitalize on the inexhaustible riches of Scripture in your preaching-without sounding like a Bible commentary? An interview with author John Koessler.

See theme, you are strongly attuned to how well the preacher uses the text in developing the sermon. What role should the text have in a sermon and why?

The text has to be the foundation of the sermon. The sermon grows out of what the text says, so it's the controlling factor. My goal, then, as a preacher is to help the audience understand the meaning of the text, to help them interpret it, and then to understand what the implications are for them.

The text is critical not only because it's a source of applicational ideas, but also because the power of the sermon is rooted in the text. Second Timothy 3:16-17 says the Scriptures are inspired, they are God-breathed, they are useful for equipping the believer for every good work.

We work so hard on our sermons that we sometimes forget the power of the message is the Word. We have to do the work, but the power is in the Word itself.

What are some of the imposters that get in the way of Scripture being the driving force of the sermon? ...

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Sharon Bury

October 08, 2009  1:26pm

fabulous tips and content.

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