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Biblical Preaching Is about Life Change, Not Sermon Style

Biblical preaching occurs when people are enabled to hear that God is addressing them as God addressed the world of the Scriptures, and are enabled to respond.

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The core value of preaching that changes lives is it's biblical. You and I don't change lives; God changes lives. For 2,000 years, God has used the power of this Word to convict stubborn hearts of sin, to move cold spirits to repentance, and to lift faltering lives to hope.

The question that causes a fair amount of controversy is what makes preaching biblical.

It's not about form.

Often people think what makes preaching biblical is a particular style or structure. Where I grew up, people talked about three categories for preaching: topical, which was often regarded as not very biblical, textual, where the main point comes from a Scripture verse, which was considered more biblical, and expository, which is difficult to get a clear definition of. Expository is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Some people think of it as verse-by-verse preaching, or where points and sub-points are from one text in Scripture.

There are a number of problems with thinking one particular style or structure of ...

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Maua Teofilo

February 16, 2008  11:30pm

Thank You very much for this article, I am very blessed by reading it. My prayer is that it reaches many more preacher or minister who preaches the Word. Thank you again and my Lord bless you and your ministry.

Faanunu Ngungutau

January 27, 2008  9:13pm

This is good stuff for me as a new preacher to lay the right foundation of preaching. I have heard people taking the WORD and use it as a hammer during their message and their is no LIFE CHANGING happen. Thank you for helping me open my eyes to see more of what is going to make me a better communicator of God's WORD.

Leticia Manlises

May 19, 2007  5:53pm

It's a timely reminder for many preachers like me. I am being reminded the essence of why we preach the good news. God bless you and thank you for the Word!

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