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Core Convictions of Biblical Preaching

What we really believe about scripture and preaching determines how we preach.

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To do the tough work of being biblical preachers, men and women in ministry must be committed to certain truths.

1. The Bible is the Word of God

As Augustine put it, " When the Bible speaks, God speaks. " This is the conviction that if I can really understand a passage in its context, then what I know is what God wants to say. (I don't believe that many evangelicals as well as liberals really believe this.)

2. The entire Bible is the Word of God

Not only Romans but Leviticus, not only Ephesians but Esther. Not merely the " hot " passages but the cold ones.

3. The Bible is self-authenticating

If people can be exposed to an understanding of the Scriptures on a regular basis, then they do not need arguments about the veracity of Scripture. Therefore, a listener or reader doesn't have to buy into the first two commitments before God can work in a person's life through his Word.

4. This leads to a " Thus saith the Lord " approach to preaching

I'm not referring to ...

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Simon Moetara

March 22, 2007  8:10pm

Haddon Robinson is a master. This is concise and on the money... a very helpful little piece...

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