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Why I Pat the Bible on My Nightstand

One pastor's greatest regret, and how he is making up for lost time.

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A few years ago Bill, a retired pastor and seminary professor, convinced me and Tim, another pastor friend, that it would be a good idea for the three of us to memorize the Book of Revelation and recite it before our church on a Sunday evening. I mention that he was retired because a few days before the event—when I was scrambling to prepare and fearing I would make a complete fool of myself in front of a lot of people (one thousand people turned out)—I was thinking it was easy for him to talk about memorizing a third of a Book in the Bible; he had time, for heaven's sake. But I didn't. What was I thinking, I was thinking.

On the night of the event, just before we went out and did this terrifying thing, Bill reminded us that no matter how poorly we might do in the memory department, God was pleased with us and would bless his Word. He was right: for two and a half hours all the people, children included, listened as three men simply recited the Word of God from the last Book of ...

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Leon Adkins

February 03, 2014  5:09pm

King James.

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Karen Hicks

November 23, 2009  9:43am

I'm another who memorized large chunks of Scriptures and found it exhilirating. I'm inspired to do it again!

jonathan staley

September 04, 2009  12:47pm

For a young minister such as myself a quater of the way through seminary I have once again been thrust into a deeper reverence for Gods Holy word. Thanks!

Steven Spencer

September 19, 2008  12:00am

For memorization purposes, I have settled on the New King James Version. It simply has a dignity and a tone of authority that I believe is lacking in so many of the modern translations. You can always re-phrase a verse, phrase, or word if necessary. The main thing is to finally 'settle' on a translation for memorization. Just a suggestion.

Daniel Gromer

February 18, 2008  3:08pm

Wonderful. I used to memorize but have been inspired again to learn scripture memory! Thanks!

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