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A method for finding the practical response called for in a text

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Terry gathers his family and quickly herds them into the station wagon. He has to get to church early to photocopy some handouts for the Sunday school class he teaches. Then there's choir, and after church several conversations about the committee he serves on. With seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm, Terry is immersed in church activities. In his quiet moments, however, Terry worries. At home, his briefcase holds a doctor's report telling of a shadow in the x-rays of his lungs.

Ruth is known for her contagious smile and warm encouragement. As hospitality chairperson, she seems to know everyone in church. How can she always be so up? people wonder. While Ruth is succeeding at church, she believes she is an absolute failure at home. There is constant bickering with a teenage daughter, and she feels a growing sense of distance from her husband.

An honor student and a varsity volleyball player, Janet is the picture of the all-American girl. She's also actively involved with ...

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Nathan Walters

February 08, 2013  2:26pm

Awesome, actually provides methods to put the concepts into action.

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