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Preaching on Contemporary Issues

How to preach social trends and topics with wisdom

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Preaching on contemporary issues can cover a lot of territory: modern medical technology and life, issues that arise through crises and catastrophes, social trends or public policy debates, and contemporary theological issues. In addition, there are issues that arise in a specific congregation that threaten its fellowship and witness but wouldn't be an issue elsewhere. We dare not be silent on such issues.

The process involved in preparing sermons on contemporary issues begins by asking what our audience's relationship is to the issue. "What do they know about it?" "What is their involvement in this issue and the nature and extent of their involvement?" "How are they likely to react?"

Ask, too, how they view you and your ministry. Ministry depends to a great deal on your own credibility and trustworthiness. If you don't have that kind of trust, the chances of your making a significant impact are diminished. The issue may be important, but you may not be the right spokesman, or this might ...

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