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First Person Narrative Sermons

Taking advantage of the power of drama and the pull of story

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Any preacher worth an honorarium knows the challenge of preaching on Christmas and Easter. How can I add special force to my sermons on these important days and bring some spice to a few other Sunday sermons throughout the year?

I offer one suggestion that has consistently worked for me. At Christmas, Easter, and once or twice during the year, I have my congregation approach the Bible through a first-person expository sermon.

The essential distinctive of a first-person sermon is we tell the story from the vantage-point of one character in the narrative. For example, the biblical story of Ruth was written from a third-person perspective, in which the unnamed narrator stands outside the story as he tells it. To preach Ruth from a first-person perspective you enter into the story and retell it from the vantage point of Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, or any other eyewitness to what transpired.

First-person sermons are highly effective because they combine the personal presence of drama with the power of ...

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January 07, 2018  6:28pm

Great article! 3 years ago in Introduction to Preaching, I preached my 1st in class sermon on the assigned passage of Micah 6:6-8 from his perspective. topic: social justice. The situation with Mike Brown had just occurred. I stayed away from portraying the voice of a deceased victim and spoke as Micah from that setting. I referred to it as personification preaching style. I wanted audience to know their place in social justice and called fregardless of race and role. You're so right, you have to be prepared to tell the story with knowledge. It wasn't my best but my classmates appreciated the style. Out of 10 students preaching on the same topic over a 2 week period, I was the final sermon. I needed to capture and keep their attention. I was weak in preparation and outline. Not easy but fun. I intend to explore this more as part of illustrative preaching and to aid with my speech impediment. It calmed me and gave confidence but also pressure. Hoping it will appeal to disabled audiences

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Ernie Gaugler

March 20, 2017  1:09pm

Please give me a list of 1st person narrative sermons. The only one I can find is "A Night in Persia" which was excellent!

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