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Getting the Most from the Sermon Series

How to take full advantage of the unique strengths of series preaching

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Recently I decided to fix a basement leak and had a contractor come give an estimate. Wanting to remove some paneling, he asked, "Do you have a pry bar?" I retrieved two: a small, thin lever about five inches long and a Superbar more than a foot long. The contractor grabbed the Superbar and removed the paneling in minutes.

The contractor chose the tool with more leverage. In the same way, many pastors, wanting greater leverage, choose to preach primarily in series.

But we may not be using all the power inherent in the form. When we understand how a series differs from a single sermon, we can take full advantage of the unique strengths a series affords.

Here are six differences, along with suggestions on how to capitalize on them.

Deep development

The more an idea is developed, the greater is its impact. If I preach a thirty-second sermon—reading John 3:16, saying, "God loves you so much he sent Jesus to die for your sins. Believe in Jesus and you will be saved," and then sitting down—that ...

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Carlos Powell

December 23, 2014  1:16pm

Awesome article brother Craig! Thanks for the tools that will aid me in perfecting my sermon series developing skills.

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