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Verse-by-Verse Sermons That Really Preach

While God is certainly in the details, he is uniquely and stirringly at work in the organic flow of ideas

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Verse-by-verse preaching possesses a long, storied tradition. It finds biblical precedent in Nehemiah's reading of the Law in which he gave the sense so that the people could understand (Nehemiah 8:8). It traces its origin to the commentators at Qumran who cited a few words of the biblical text and then commented on their significance. Origen (185–254) incorporated the running commentary approach in his sermons, as did John Chrysostom (about 347–407) and Augustine (354–430). Both Martin Luther (1483–1546) and John Calvin (1509–1564) preached verse-by-verse sermons. In more recent times, preachers like Harry A. Ironside and Martyn Lloyd-Jones have employed this approach.

What is verse-by-verse preaching? Basically it is the proclamation of a Scripture passage by unpacking one verse after another. The sermon moves through the text much like a Bible commentary does—proceeding phrase-by-phrase and analyzing select words. Some homileticians refer to verse-by-verse ...

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