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Satisfying Conclusions

Principles of effective conclusions

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Conclusions do more than simply end a sermon, they bring a message to a satisfying finale. Conclusions are to sermons what the final chapter is to a good mystery novel. What the final two minutes are to a great basketball or football game. What a great cup of coffee is to a gourmet meal.

Effective conclusions accomplish two objectives.

Reinforcing the Main Idea of the Sermon

Good conclusions reinforce the main idea of the sermon. They should enable the listener to understand with even greater clarity what the sermon is all about. It should bring all of the information of the message into burning focus. To achieve this level of intellectual precision in the conclusion, the wise preacher will do the following.

Avoid introducing new concepts. By this time in the sermon, all of the relevant concepts should have been presented and adequately developed. Serving up leftover thoughts will only diffuse the clarity you have worked so hard to achieve.

Review the main points. Briefly draw the points together ...

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Frederick Garnes

August 15, 2011  2:35pm

Excellent.....a timely reminder thank you.

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