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How to preach so everyone understands

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When Napoleon sent out his messengers he gave them three instructions: be clear, be clear, and be clear. There are several challenges facing preachers who desire to do just that.

First, there's a tendency to roam through the whole Bible, bringing in all kinds of things to enhance what we're saying. We end up saying too much; and as a result, communicating too little. We start out stalking bear, but are soon distracted by some rabbits we'd like to chase. Before long, we're chasing this and adding that and missing the bear we started after at the outset. So less is more.

We also deal with the challenge of oral communication. Preachers have to work at clarity because the spoken word lacks some of the built in aids inherent to writing. When you're writing, you can utilize paragraph divisions, punctuations marks, and things in quotes. You can't do that when you're preaching. Also, if I don't get what the preacher is saying the first time, I can't go back and mentally review; because if I do I ...

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Center Point Chrc

January 14, 2016  3:50pm

Always helpful--and clear.

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