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The Big Idea of Narrative Preaching

What are the clues to interpreting a story?

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When Mommy or Daddy began, "Once upon a time," we listened. We learned early that stories caused us to stop what we were doing and to pay attention to the storyteller. Instinctively we knew we lived life in narrative. Story, like breathing or thinking, is an intrinsic part of our existence. We daydream, plot, criticize, hope, and visualize ambitions in story form. No one lives life deductively.

Perhaps this is why our Creator designed much of biblical revelation to be written in story form. Jesus Christ, who preached didactic sermons and taught deductively, was also well known for his stories. The human authors God employed to instruct the church about Jesus Christ's life and ministry thought it wise to choose story as their predominate means of communication.

Yet today the preponderance of sermons, especially those preached by individuals who champion biblical authority and integrity, are not given in story form and are seldom based on narrative passages. There often appears to be a studied ...

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Arthur Adams

July 19, 2007  3:50pm

Dear Paul and Steven, I read your article on Narrative Preaching and enjoyed immensely....but to totally see how this works I would like to request a sermon or a sermon sample to get the total idea....Is there some where I can read such a sermon? thanks for your help, Arthur L. Adams

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