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Five Bird-dogging Questions for Biblical Exposition

How asking the right questions produces a wealth of relevant material for the sermon

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To preach with relevance, I suggest you become a commentator on the text. If you develop a method of Bible study in which you work through five great questions, you will put yourself under the text and see how it affects preaching.

The five great questions that make up a commentary are the technical questions, the historical questions, the content-theological questions, the contemporary questions, and the discipleship questions. Bible study is a journey in the text from the technical to the discipleship issues.

Technical questions

The technical questions are those that establish the text. The first half of Bible study is to establish the text. What do the words mean? What is the syntax? What is actually being said? Don't worry about what the meaning is now. Be sure you understand what's being said. What do the words mean individually, linguistically. If you develop a birddog interest in establishing the text, if you can develop a fascination for vocabulary, a fascination for words, a fascination ...

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