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Redemptive Sermons for Weddings and Funerals

When the sermon is the last thing on your hearers' minds, how to preach in a way that changes lives

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One honor of being a minister is to be welcomed into the lives of people during deeply personal moments. One such honor is preaching sermons for funerals and weddings. These messages are different from almost every other type of sermon because they are directed at very specific people—the wedding party or the grieving family—as well as being intended for the larger congregation.

Though the services are vastly different in tone and purpose, the principles for preaching at weddings and funerals are surprisingly similar. As we prepare sermons for weddings and funerals, we should pray for a word from God that fits these unique people and this special day and strive to craft messages demonstrating the following qualities.

1. Biblical content

When we are called upon to preach at a wedding or funeral, we are more than a master of ceremonies; we are God's messenger for that hour. We should resist the temptation merely to eulogize the deceased or to give the bride and groom commendations ...

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Patrice Nagant

September 02, 2008  6:36am

That was a good help, thank you

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