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The Purpose-Driven Title

Evaluate yours with four questions

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Writing a great sermon title is an art we must continually work on. I don't know anyone who has mastered it. We all have our hits and misses. But if the purpose of preaching is to transform, not merely inform, or if you're speaking to unbelievers, then you have to be concerned with your titles. Like the cover of a book, or the first line of an advertisement, your sermon's title must capture the attention of those you want to influence.

Will it capture their interest?

In planning appealing sermon titles, I ask myself four questions. First, will this title capture the attention of people? Because we are called to communicate truth, we may assume unbelievers are eager to hear the truth. They aren't. In fact, surveys show the majority of Americans reject the idea of absolute truth. Today, people value tolerance more than truth.

This "truth-decay" is the root of all that's wrong in our society. It is why unbelievers will not race to church if we proclaim, "We have the truth!" Their reaction will ...

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