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Questions That Put Muscle on Bones (part four)

Could something "more important" prevent people from obeying God's truth?

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In this article we finish our probing of the second of three developmental questions:

  1. What do I need to explain?

  2. Do we buy it?

  3. What does it look like in real life?

In previous articles we've seen two reasons why people don't buy a biblical statement: because they don't see the cause-effect connection, or because the statement seems contrary to their real-life experiences. Now we look at a third reason: people don't buy a biblical truth when something " more important " comes up.

On Sunday, our listeners may seem to assent to a particular truth. But during the week other factors come up that outweigh the biblical statement and prevent them from acting consistently with it.

In a vacuum, all things being equal, they buy the biblical truth. But real life is not a vacuum, and all things are not equal. People hold to a hierarchy of beliefs, a ladder of truths. Some values are higher on the ladder than others. They are more important; they matter more; we buy them ahead of others.

Suppose, ...

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