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Connect Hearers through Dialogue

A two-way street can be paved with gold.

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Preaching has a long tradition of one-way communication. You may want to consider experimenting, though, with another alternative well suited to our culture: dialogue. Here are several reasons to consider using two-way communication with your congregation:

Biblical preachers used dialogue.
When Jesus taught, he rarely depended on monologue. The New Testament records that he asked 153 questions. " Whose likeness is on this coin " (Matthew 22:20; Mark 12:16; Luke 20:24)? " Which one was this man's neighbor " (Luke 10:36)? Jesus, the Master Teacher, engaged in dialogue.
Paul also used dialogue. In Acts, Luke uses the term dialegomai at least ten times to characterize Paul's communication. The term means " to discuss, to reason, to argue. " Paul " reasoned with them from the Scriptures " (). " He reasoned in the synagogue as well as the marketplace day by day " (). He " argued persuasively about the kingdom " (). Apparently Paul felt it was wise for a herald to ...

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Steven Jackson

March 24, 2007  6:52pm

Jeff, Great article! I prefer to preach this way. I'm something of an interactive preacher, more like holding a conversation that just talking "at" people. This type of preaching is very effective in Zambia where the culture is all about relationships. Including the congregation in the conversation helps to create community and keep the preacher honest and in touch with the needs and realities of the lives of people. Thanks for your insights and encouragement. Grace and Peace! Steve Jackson

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