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Questions That Put Muscles on Bones (part 5)

What does the biblical truth look like in real life?

In previous articles in this series we have probed the first two developmental questions, questions that develop or expand our biblical outline into a full-fledged sermon:

1. What do I need to explain?
2. Do we buy it?

Now we begin to look at the third question:

3. What does the biblical truth look like in real life? How does it show up in everyday situations?

Relevance occurs when the listener sees how the biblical truth applies to a specific situation. The word sees should be highlighted, underlined — with little red hearts drawn around it!

Unless listeners have a mental picture — a video running in their minds — of some real-life situation, the biblical truth remains an abstraction, vague and unhelpful. The message has no apparent bearing on their lives until they visualize some person, event, or circumstance in their everyday world.

Our discussion of this third question is not limited to the conclusion of a message. We are not necessarily talking about ...

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