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Sermon Illustrations about Internet

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Internet to help bring your sermon to life.

Sex.com Sells for $12M

Sex really does sell. According to an article on the USAToday.com Tech page, Sex.com had been one of the most sought-after domain names in cyberspace ...

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House for Sale with Bride Included

Deborah Hale wants to sell her home—and she's willing to cut a deal that includes herself as part of the transaction. At 48, the Albuquerque native ...

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"Integrity" Tops Dictionary Searches

In 2005, a year filled with political wrangling, natural disasters, and pop culture curiosities, Americans turned to Merriam-Webster to help define it ...

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Man Dies After 50 Hours of Video Games

That's when Lee sat down at a local Internet café in the southern city of Taegu. He logged in on Wednesday, August 3, and spent the next three ...

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Truth and Love Top Internet Word Search

The Internet search engine Yahoo! compiled a top 10 list of the words Web searchers want to define:

1. Veracity
2. Love
3. Pulchritudinous
4. Culture
5. Literature

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Internet Pornographic Sites Multiplying

N2H2, an Internet content filtering company, reports that Internet sites dealing with pornographic material are multiplying exponentially.

The number of ...

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Internet Exhibitionists Hunger for Attention

The Internet provides opportunity for people to put themselves on display—and they do in a variety of ways. At one site alone, over four million people ...

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Women Who Access Internet Porn

The percentage of female readers of Today's Christian Woman online newsletter who admitted intentionally accessing Internet porn: 34

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Internet Gossip Hurts Youth

Bonnie Miller Rubin writes in the Chicago Tribune:

Teenage gossip—always hurtful but once limited to note passing, phone calls, and scrawls on bathroom ...

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Thousands Addicted to Online Pornography

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users show compulsion for porn sites, X-rated chat rooms, or other sexual materials online. In one of the first studies ...

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