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How Long Is Your Video of Being Present?

Imagine at the end of your life you're welcomed into the presence of Jesus, who has saved you by his grace. In the midst of all the wonderful things we will experience, we're ushered into our own "media room." As you enter your personal media room, you're told that you get to sit on a cozy couch with comfortable pillows, eating as much popcorn and candy as you want (without the calories, of course) and that you're going to watch a video of your life. The video is a compilation of all the moments in your life when you were fully present, all the moments when you weren't numbed-out or distracted by media technology—TV, the Internet, cell phones—all the moments when you were totally engaged with others or fully attentive to God.

Now imagine this video playing in your personal media room and ask yourself these questions: How long is your video? How many scenes will depict you relishing life to the fullest, not numb or distracted, fully enjoying and loving the people around you? And as you think about your life's video, how many scenes will show you completely ready to hear what Jesus is trying to say to you?

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Relationships; Children; Marriage; Friendship—Are we fully present to the important people in our life? (2) Prayer; Meditation; Spiritual Disciplines—Do we take time to be fully present to God? (3) Lent; Advent—Certain times of the Church Year, such as Advent and Lent, are designed to help us pay attention and be present to God.

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