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Sermon Illustrations about Internet

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Internet to help bring your sermon to life.

Teenagers Engage Culture Through Blogs

While their peers may be carousing and into all kinds of trouble, a new movement of teenagers is defying the trends of their generation. These teens are ...

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The Reality of Violent Video Games

Forgive me, for I have killed.

I have used swords and shotguns, handguns and grenades. I have shot, stabbed, and bludgeoned. I have crushed skulls with ...

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Evil Targets Children

In May of 2006, John Allen Muhammad was convicted in Maryland for the murder of six people as part of his "Beltway Sniper" reign of terror in October ...

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Sexual Media Produces Promiscuity

A great deal of research over the past few decades has indicated that children watching violence on television and in movies tend to become more violent ...

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Child Asks for Deliverance from E-mail

As a teacher, I've overheard a lot of interesting things from my students. For instance, when Andrew—age 5 and very much into computers—was ...

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Sex.com Sells for $12M

Sex really does sell. According to an article on the USAToday.com Tech page, Sex.com had been one of the most sought-after domain names in cyberspace ...

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House for Sale with Bride Included

Deborah Hale wants to sell her home—and she's willing to cut a deal that includes herself as part of the transaction. At 48, the Albuquerque native ...

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"Integrity" Tops Dictionary Searches

In 2005, a year filled with political wrangling, natural disasters, and pop culture curiosities, Americans turned to Merriam-Webster to help define it ...

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Man Dies After 50 Hours of Video Games

That's when Lee sat down at a local Internet café in the southern city of Taegu. He logged in on Wednesday, August 3, and spent the next three ...

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Truth and Love Top Internet Word Search

The Internet search engine Yahoo! compiled a top 10 list of the words Web searchers want to define:

1. Veracity
2. Love
3. Pulchritudinous
4. Culture
5. Literature

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