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Sermon Illustrations about Internet

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Internet to help bring your sermon to life.

"Brave New World": Death by Gaming

Is it possible to play yourself to death? Officials at a Chinese Internet cafe think so ever since a 30-year-old man died after playing a game online ...

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Amateurs and Professionals Search for Lost Man

Authorities believe that sometime on September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to circle the globe in a hot-air balloon, made an emergency landing ...

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Online Game Offers Second Life

In a quiet suburb east of Phoenix, Ric Hoogestraat sits at his computer with the blinds drawn, smoking a cigarette. While his wife, Sue, watches television ...

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Many Prefer Virtual Relationships

With some 30 million people now involved world-wide [in online, virtual reality video games], there is mounting concern that some are squandering—even ...

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Simple Text Message Leads to Marriage

After a night out with friends, David Brown, an Englishman, woke up with a series of random numbers on his mind. After much internal debate as to why ...

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Statistics on America's Down Time

Percentage of adults who participated in the following leisure activities at least once in the previous 12 months:

Dining out: 48.3 percent
Entertaining ...

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God-Related Web Pages Increasing

The number of Web pages dealing with God, religion, and churches increased from 14 million in 1999 to 200 million in 2004. Religion now nearly rivals ...

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Teens Find Friends Through Technology

With the rise of technology in everyday life, people are finding more and more ways to get connected. The following represent the average number of "friends" ...

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E-mail from Beyond the Grave

If a Baylor University professor has his way, death will no longer be an excuse for not keeping in touch. Dr. David Eagleman—an assistant professor ...

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Employees Would Hide Websites from Bosses

A Spherion Workplace poll of 1,601 employed adults asked the following question: "If you knew your employer could see content from your social network ...

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