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Sermon Illustrations about Internet

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Internet to help bring your sermon to life.

Internet Gossip Hurts Youth

Bonnie Miller Rubin writes in the Chicago Tribune:

Teenage gossip—always hurtful but once limited to note passing, phone calls, and scrawls on bathroom ...

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Thousands Addicted to Online Pornography

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users show compulsion for porn sites, X-rated chat rooms, or other sexual materials online. In one of the first studies ...

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Teens Discover Pornography Online

According to a study released by the Safe America Foundation, 53 percent of teenagers said they had at one time or another come across websites containing ...

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Internet Pornography

What makes sex online far more compelling than any shrink-wrapped smut [is] instant gratification in endless variety—you never get to the end of ...

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More Than Hardware

The visionaries of the electronic age have tended to only look at what it is possible for the new Age of Information to bring us, not what the probable ...

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Words Worth Remembering?

Consider this paradox: Almost everything that is publicly said these days is recorded. Almost nothing of what is said is worth remembering.

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The Answer to Television

The answer [to television] is not censorship, but more citizenship in the corporate boardroom and more active families who will turn off the trash, boycott ...

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Humanity as Creator

I think it says something that the only form of life that we have created so far is purely destructive. Talk about creating life in our own image.

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Information Overload

[T]he very amount of information that computers make available threatens us with cognitive overload: overwhelmed with facts, people tend to mistake data ...

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