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House for Sale with Bride Included

Deborah Hale wants to sell her home—and she's willing to cut a deal that includes herself as part of the transaction. At 48, the Albuquerque native says she has a hard time meeting single men her age. The jewelry business owner decided to advertise her home, in the Washington Park section of Denver, as an added incentive for prospective husbands. Since that time, she has had as many as 15,000 hits per hour on the web site she established.

Ms. Hale acknowledges that she won't discount a prospective suitor who isn't interested in the home, but makes it clear that for the right man, she "could become part of the deal." This high-tech approach to courtship takes the biblical injunction to "let marriage be held in honor among all" to an entirely new—and pricey—level.

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